Clinical Architecture Symedical Healthcare Terminology Management Software

Symedical is a comprehensive software suite that addresses all aspects of healthcare content management. Through sophisticated software and flexible runtime services (APIs), Symedical provides a fully customisable platform for the acquisition, maintenance, and distribution of the terminologies you need—standard, local, proprietary, or free-text.

Symedical supports centralised control of terminology by supplying content, tools, and integration software in one enterprise solution.

  • Access to standard terminologies, HL7® value sets, FHIR® terminology services, reference maps and more.
  • Content authoring, mapping, modeling, normalisation and other capabilities.
  • Easily integratable terminology searches, relationship navigation and real-time interoperability with Symedical’s Runtime Web Services (APIs).
  • Robust text analytics to unlock hidden data in free-text through the SIFT Semantic Interpretation of Free Text tool.
  • Rules-based automated reasoning through the Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite which leverages structured clinical data to draw assertions and provide recommendations, along with instance evidence and references.
  • Add-on additional modules for distribution, remote access and other advanced functionality.

Experience Symedical in action by scheduling a customised demo or give us a call to talk about how Symedical can streamline your healthcare content management.

Symedical® gives you ultimate control of your enterprise content management. For any scope of data, disparate clinical information, and absolutely every terminology—standard, local, proprietary, or unstructured text—Symedical offers unprecedented value, functionality, and results.

One place for all terminology. Acquire, create, extend, update, map, relate, normalise, subset, publish, distribute, and track changes.

Leverage semantic interoperability and normalization to unlock the true value and usability of information.

Perform rule-based reasoning by leveraging structured clinical data to draw assertions and provide recommendations, evidence, and references.

Use Natural Language Processing to access the information stored in free text.


  • Content Acquisition: Integrated access and automatic updates to over 500 standard terminologies, reference maps, and purpose-built value sets. Software-guided interface for configuring import of local terminologies.
  • Content Distribution and Deployment: Reference and master data that’s accessible wherever your organisation needs it using Symedical’s distribution capabilities or highly performant, scalable web APIs.
  • Content Management: Supports customisable workflow for content authoring, modeling, subsetting, extension, and browsing of healthcare digital assets.
  • Clinical Decision Support: Rules-based, automated reasoning that leverages normalized clinical data and rich ontologies to deliver advanced clinical decision support at the point of care.
  • Semantic Interoperability: With the most advanced mapping engine in the industry, Symedical employs over 130 algorithms and collective reasoning to effectively decompose, normalize, and broadly automate mapping of local and standard terminologies. Confidently exchange data normalised by Symedical that is unambiguous and has shared meaning.
  • Clinical NLP: Convert the 80% of patient information that is locked in unstructured clinical text into discrete actionable data.
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