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Data quality + interoperability simplified

Healthcare organisations have large volumes of data which often moves between many systems, extracting trustworthy, meaningful and actionable insights to improve patient care is an ongoing challenge.

Pivot combines many of Symedical’s most powerful capabilities into an integrated service, dramatically reducing the barriers and effort necessary to make high-quality patient information exchange a reality.

Pivot understands a multitude of healthcare message formats, along with other vendor-specific formats. After processing messages from those formats into a standard data structure, Pivot applies Symedical’s advance normalisation capabilities to transform patient data and deliver an outbound message that is normalised, validated and ready for use.

Pivot is a managed data quality and interoperability solution that can dramatically reduce the barriers and effort necessary to achieve high quality information exchange.

It’s about leveraging the power of automation to reduce the effort to create and maintain maps.

It’s about addressing poor patient data in real time.

It’s about the ability to compare patient data across the enterprise/facility.

It’s about the ability to transform data into a standard, predictable output that is ready for use.

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