Symedical on FHIR

Symedical on FHIR is a RESTful API based on the FHIR® Terminology Service standard giving our clients and partners another way to leverage Symedical to provide access to high quality data. 

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®), created by Health Level Seven International (HL7®), is an open standards framework for exchanging electronic health data while leveraging the latest web standards and maintaining a focus on interoperability.  Symedical on FHIR™ streamlines the use of clinical and administrative data across contexts ranging from acute or long-term care to public and population health solutions. It packs value into a small, easy-to-use set of services that Simplify the usage of industry standard vocabularies such as SNOMED CT, Read Codes, dm+d, ICD-10, and LOINC as well as FHIR and HL7 Value Sets. It Empowers clients to manage custom or proprietary value sets in this same framework, thereby streamlining terminology services into a unified approach, support translations between terminologies, both standard and proprietary leveraging commonly understood web standards (XML, JSON, HTTP) and a service-based architecture (REST) to jump-start client-side implementations. 

 HL7® FHIR® HL7® and FHIR® are registered trademarks of HL7 and are used with the permission of HL7. For more information, please visit

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