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SIFT Services

Targeted Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Clinical Architecture’s SIFT Services are specialised free-standing web APIs that quickly and easily present relevant data from unstructured text. These easy-to-implement, cloud-based, services effectively turn free text from clinical documents, such as hospital discharge summaries or outpatient clinic notes, into actionable coded data.

Each SIFT Service focuses on a specific objective:

SIFT for Meds – Preventing harm from medications, or adverse drug events (ADEs), remains a top patient safety priority across the continuum of care. Implementing medication reconciliation at all transitions in care is an effective strategy for preventing ADEs.  But what about medications that are captured in free text?  With SIFT for Meds you can quickly detect drug information trapped in free text and translate it to discrete codes to create an accurate and comprehensive medication profile for your patients.  Improve outcomes, reduce medication errors, and more effectively manage patient populations with higher quality patient medication information.

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Check back… SIFT Services for cardiovascular and pulmonary observations, microorganisms, demographics, and clinical document improvement are on the way.

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