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Data Normalisation and Mapping

As standards and requirements become increasingly complex, meaningful use of healthcare terminology requires more than simple 1:1 mapping. You need a product that translates, normalises, and maps varied terminologies as well as unstructured text so that your data is useful and actionable. Symedical® bridges the information gap with the most advanced mapping engine in healthcare.


Symedical includes over 125 advanced algorithms and a complete set of continuously updated industry standard mapping templates. Our run-time mapping API learns and maps new terms as it works, and also allows you to publish maps to your database tables or interface engine.


Create your own custom mapping configuration, and use the workflow that suits your enterprise—whether centrally managed or distributed across the organisation. Symedical allows you to define processes that work for you, including customised analytics and mapping that makes sense based on your organisation's needs.


Symedical’s consult feature analyses how data normalisation and mapping works across your organisation, and informs users when they are about to map inconsistently, stopping outliers before they happen. And when standards change the re-mapper function helps you update all of your maps with a few clicks.

Our customised demos are the best way to see how Symedical can improve your existing data normalisation and mapping efforts. Get in touch to learn more.

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