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No matter what your role in healthcare, clinical and administrative terminologies are impacting how information is shared and used. At Clinical Architecture, we work with electronic medical records vendors, healthcare providers, payers, content publishers, clinical research, and analytics organisations to deliver solutions that help our clients take control of their terminology.

electronic health records software

EHR / EMR Software

Clinical Architecture solutions provide a commercial grade, integrated platform for electronic health records software that supports any terminology you use—whether mapped to current standards or based in a legacy system, using updated codes or relying on unstructured text. Clinical Architecture helps you comply with Meaningful Use requirements and effectively share information at different points of care.

Unstructured Text

Health Systems / Integrated Delivery Networks

Today’s health systems deal with a variety of clinical and administrative terminologies, standard, proprietary and local, as well as unstructured text. Clinical Architecture’s integrated terminology management platforms improve the quality of your healthcare information, make data normalisation and utilisation simpler, and enhance your ability to understand and manage patient populations. Clinical Architecture enables higher compliance with an ever-growing list of Meaningful Use and quality measure requirements, greater usability, and better outcomes.

Population Health and Analytics

Population Health and Analytics

To effectively analyse healthcare data, you need enterprise-level terminology management. Data used for population health and analytics comes from a variety of sources, electronic medical record (EMR) systems, electronic health record (EHR) systems, claims processing services, and custom databases. As such, it is notorious for being inconsistent and ambiguous. Clinical Architecture helps you establish control over the varied information and terminologies that drive population health and analytics initiatives.

Information Exchange

Information Exchange

Data normalisation helps healthcare systems interface and achieve true semantic interoperability. Clinical Architecture products use smart algorithms to learn new terms and provide oversight at each point of exchange so that healthcare systems can have confidence in their ability to effectively exchange information while maintaining the semantic integrity of their patient’s information.

EMR Software

Software Vendors

Clinical Architecture functions as an extension of your development team, delivering and supporting a platform that supports legacy content, meets current standards, and anticipates future requirements. Effectively manage, exchange, and analyse healthcare information by partnering with Clinical Architecture and making use of our tools and services within your software solution.

Payers and Health Plans

Payers and Health Plans

Balance risk management, cost control, reporting, and requirements with greater insight when you use Clinical Architecture’s tools to give you greater insight into claims data. Our products normalise data consistently and even process unstructured text for meaning—giving you the tools to make better decisions.

Clinical Research Organizations

Clinical Research Organisations

Clinical Architecture products provide the tools to normalise data, create an audit trail, leverage unstructured text, and automate clinical data management to ensure sound, reliable data from clinical trials.

Content Publishers

Content Publishers

Clinical Architecture’s terminology management platform represents a complete information ecosystem that will allow you to easily acquire, create, manage, reference, and distribute healthcare terminology. Clinical Architecture helps ease the administrative burden of managing healthcare terminology and frees up your valuable resources to focus their efforts where you need them most.


We work with clients throughout the healthcare industry. Call us, meet with us at an event, or schedule a personalised demonstration to see how Clinical Architecture products can meet your needs.

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