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Whether you’re looking for a specific terminology or searching for a tool to reduce the manual effort of tracking and managing updates, Clinical Architecture’s Content Cloud delivers the content you need in an easy to use, standard, consistent format.

We bring together your required clinical and administrative terminologies in one application, simplifying the process of healthcare content acquisition and ongoing updates.

Stop worrying about the risks of outdated content. Content Cloud automatically updates your terminologies, keeps your organisation compliant with new or amended standards, and automates previously labour intensive tasks like tracking and managing changes and standardising content.


Content Cloud includes:

  • A single source for clinical and administrative terminologies.
  • Over 250 content assets are available, including standard terminologies, meaningful use value sets, reference maps, and special purpose subsets.
  • Simple subscriptions to  dm+d, ICD-10, LOINC, SNOMED-CT and many more.
  • Files delivered in standard format you can put to use right away.
  • Timely, automatic updates.

Take the guesswork out of healthcare content acquisition and maintenance and free up your valuable technical resources to focus on meeting the other critical needs of your organisation. Contact us for a full list of available content assets.

Get a closer look at how Clinical Architecture's Content Cloud for Healthcare Content Acquisition can benefit you. Schedule a demo, or meet with us at a conference or trade show.

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